Welcome! Come and sit down for bit . . .

Hi everyone!  I know my first visitors to this blog will mostly be people I know in person, but I’ll go ahead and give a little introduction.

My name is Rebekah. I am an ordained minister, a wife, and a writer.  I have not been published in the book industry (yet), but I freelance for the Yahoo! Contributor Network and have had my articles published on Yahoo! Sports and Associated Content, with one short story (so far) published on AC also.  I also blog at Tea and Yarn (personal), My Break-Up with Make-Up (green skincare), and Healthy Booklovers (a Health Month team blog).  I am also a Municipal Liaison for National Novel Writing Month.  Obviously, I like to write!

I am starting this blog because Tea and Yarn has really become a truly personal blog – my mom reads it, my best friend reads it, but I don’t know if my mother-in-law reads it or not, to be honest! 🙂  Many people I know who don’t write do read Tea and Yarn, and so I didn’t want to scare them away when I start talking about the technical side of writing.

So, let me tell you a little bit about my writing!  I started writing for the Yahoo! Contributor Network as a way to get some exposure, yet get paid also.  Sometime I’ll link to an article that I write, or that others write, in lieu of a detailed blog post because there is a lot of good information already available out there.

Other times, like when I might possibly rant, I’ll just post here :D.

I started writing seriously in high school without realizing that I had truly been creating stories for a very long time.  I may not have written them down (with the exception of the random ‘movie’ or play that my siblings and cousins would write and perform when we were all in town together), but I am amazed these days when I think back to the imaginary friends and worlds my sister and I created when were children.

Sticking true to the types of stories she and I would come up with, I still find that writing fantasy is my favorite.  I just completed a short science fiction story, and I was miserable writing it.  I did it, though, and it probably turned out better than I think it did, but it’s just not what I like to write.

Being an ordained minister, I am sometimes being in situations where I must introduce myself as such. If the topic of writing comes up later, and they ask me what I like to write, they are surprised when I say fantasy.  Some people think a Christian has no business writing or reading anything along the lines of paranormal, horror, or fantasy.  They say it is ungodly, satanic, occult, new age, etc.

I say if anyone should be involved in those genres (whether film or book), it is Christians!  Think of the witness we could be to the world!  After all, Jesus spoke in parables to unbelievers, so why don’t we?

The Church these days is not even willing to admit to the existence of satan, demons, or angels – and sometimes even the divinity of Jesus Christ!  Since those who have answers are not willing to give them, people turn to the secular world.  Since the Church has essentially driven those people away, that means it is now our responsibility to go into the world to find them.  And since Christian fiction is not even placed in the same area as secular fiction in the bookstores, I will publish very little that is labeled as Christian fiction, unless it is something that I really want to write.  A good example of an author who is going mainstream, yet still staying true to the Gospel message is Ted Dekker.

I was very privileged to be able to attend an event (with fellow local NaNoWriMo participants) that the local library hosted a few weeks ago called ‘Literature With Bite: Vampires in Books, Film and Pop Culture.  They posed a survey to all the registrants, and once of the questions was

‘Why do you think vampires are so popular in today’s culture?’

My response (which ended up posted on the wall in huge print, much to my chagrin) was

‘Because people have a fascination with the supernatural, and with sex (let’s face it – vampires and sex go hand in hand a lot of the time). I think this is why the Twilight Saga is so popular – because it combines those two things in a very unexpected way. People are also searching for meaning, and for redemption in their lives, and they turn to what attracts them, even if it may not be real life. Sometimes reading what is dark and horrifying shows them the light in their lives.’

This same theory applies to writing and reading fantasy – it may not be the most popular genre, but it has a strong following.  Why?  Because it both helps us to escape our daily lives, and can also show us profound truths that we may not be willing to hear from our peers.

FYI, the name of this blog comes from Proverbs 7:9 – ‘In the twilight, in the evening, in the black and dark night.’  Albeit, that verse in context is a warning against harlotry, but that verse by itself just sends shivers up my spine.  It’s so poetic.

So, what genre do you write and why?  Is it simply something that you enjoy, or is it for more crazy reasons like I have?