Breaking Down Categories

One thing I have noticed on my other blogs (and blogs that I have had over the years) is that I either tend to not categorize my posts at all, or that I categorize too much. Same thing with my filing cabinet. It’s a mess.

So in an attempt to keep things on this blog at least semi-organized so you people can find things when there’s hopefully many more posts in the far distant future, here is how I am going to organize this blog:

ABCs of Fiction Writing – anything that has to do with this set of articles will be put here. If I go into more depth about one of them on this blog, post a new link to one, etc.
Reviews – When I find books, podcasts, other blogs, etc that I think are good resources, or if I find a good fiction book that I really like, I’ll put it here.
Contests – writing contests that I enter, or find out about that I don’t have time to enter, will be found here.
Father Time – this is my 2009 NaNo Novel. It needs major help, but is a story I want to finish, so I will be talking about it a lot.
Free Stuff – I’d love to give stuff away at some point, though that won’t be happening right away. We’re saving for a house, so pretty much all extra money goes there. I may be able to do some random Amazon gift cards here and there, though . . . and I’ll let you know about any free writing-related things I find.
Gyti – my baby. This is not the title of what the book will be one day, but just what I’ve been calling it for several years now because I don’t have a title yet.  It’s fantasy, and the one story that I have done massive amounts of world-building, character development and language creation for.  ‘Gyti’ is the name of the world.
NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month.  I am a Municipal Liaison for the event (which happens every November), so come September-October-November, there will be a lot of posts about NaNoWriMo.
Publishing – Whatever I happen to learn about publishing as I go, since I do want to actually make money for writing books one day.
Weeping Willow – My 2010 NaNo Novel.  I’m in the process of editing this one.  It originally started as a short story I wrote for a creative writing class I took, and I liked it so much I turned it into a book :).
Writing Life – anything that generally has to do with being a writer.
Yahoo! Contributor Network – anything I discuss about my experiences writing for Y!CN/Associated Content will be found here.

And mentioning the ABCs of Fiction Writing, article ‘D’ is published!  Please go read 🙂

Dialogue – Who said what?