Ozark Creative Writers Conference

About a month ago, my friend Mrs. C (of The Nanowrimo Quest) texted me that she had found a writing conference that was affordable with our budgets.  We both are married, and our household incomes are, well, on the lower end of the scale (until we write those bestsellers!), and we both are working at getting/staying out of debt.  Obviously, our budget for such things is very low.

When she found this conference, we had both been bemoaning that there was no way we would be able to afford going to The Ragged Edge writers conference in August.  Even with a full scholarship for the conference, transportation an lodging would have been $600.  That just wasn’t going to happen this year.

We were both thrilled to discover the Ozark Creative Writers Conference.  First off, it’s within driving distance.  Second, the conference fee is $99 before August 27th and $119 after that.  Between my birthday money and the money I’ve earned the past month with the Yahoo Contributor Network, I have the conference fee already covered.  Third, EUREKA SPRINGS IN THE FALL.  Need I say more?  Fourth, there are 19 different writing contests happening there and there is no additional fee besides the conference fee.

Mrs. C and I have been very ambitious planning for this, and have found three friends that are going with us, and we are going to have a blast!  For each of us, it si going to be our first writing conference.

I am at the point that I am editing a finished novel, and I hope to have it done in time for one of the contests at the conference.  Two friends have completed stories that they may aor may not want to start submitting to agents yet and everyone else is busy writing!  Most of us want to make writing our careers, and things are starting to fall into place.

It was an adventure finding lodging for at least five adults, though.  “Corvette Weekend” is in Eureka Springs the same weekend as the writers conference and everything in town is already booked and/or won’t do five adults together.  We finally found an affordable cabin about 15 minutes outside of Eureka Springs.  We were beginning to contemplate cmaping (which some of us would have actually loved, but the others weren’t to keen on that idea)!

Everything is falling into place, and we are all very excited!

Any conference goers out there have tips/suggestions/etc for us first-timers?