Camp NaNo Adventures: Got Lost Hiking

I have been writing.  It’s just not enough.  For some reason, I have been positively exhausted the last week and a half.  Anytime I try to write, I end up dozing off.  There are three things I’m fairly sure are contributing to this – I haven’t been eating as well as I should, I haven’t been taking my vitamins, and I have been exercising.  The heat is also a factor, I’m sure, because we’ve only had one day that was less than 100 degrees fahrenheit in the last two weeks.  I’m also writing non-fiction, and I now know for a fact that I will never want to write a non-fiction book unless it is something I am extremely passionate about.  Like writing, haha.

Eating right and exercising are perhaps more important to writers than anyone else.  We are not working a physically active job, so we really feel the effects of everything we eat.  I write this as I drink a can of Coke and munch on a bag of Cheetos.  Don’t shoot the messenger!  Taking vitamins is so important because if your deficient in something, it can affect how you think and how you feel, both mentally and physically.  At the very least, take a good multivitamin.

I have more aches and pains after a day of sitting in front of the computer than I do a day of walking around.  I use a netbook, and I’m seriously considering hooking it up to my husband’s old computer monitor, just so that I don’t give in to the urge to hunch forward over the screen.  Doing that would also force me to sit at the desk, in a real chair, rather than flopping around on the sofa.  I just need something under the desk to prop my feet up on, but I’m sure there’s something lying around the house that I can use . . .

Writing is mentally exhausting in a way most other jobs aren’t, though.  Except for accounting.  I can’t even imagine the mental anguish I would suffer as an accountant.  Writers not only deal with drama that is going on in their real lives, but the drama happening in their characters lives as well.  If you’re not a writer and simply reading this just because, let me clear something up for you.

To writers, our characters are real.  We know that they don’t exist in our world, but they do exist in the world we have created through our story, and some of us have to completely immerse ourselves into these worlds to write effectively.  I have cried with, shouted at, and wanted to kill (have killed a few) some of my characters.  If you read a book, and the characters jump off the page and come to life in your mind, think of how much more intense it was for the person writing it.

All of that to say that exercising is so important for writers.

Because we sit so much, it is vital that we get up and move once in a while.  I try to make sure I get up and walk around the room at least once an hour when I’m writing for long stretches at a time.  One way I do that is drinking lots of water, to make sure that I at least have to get up and go to the bathroom occasionally!

Besides the obvious physical benefits, exercising has mental and emotional benefits as well.  When you are fit, you have more energy, and for me that means less frustration.  It also helps to increase circulation, and that means more blood to your brain so you can think better!  People who exercise are less likely to be depressed, and less likely to develop certain diseases.  The trick is to find a type of exercise that you really enjoy.  I love running, and cardio-boxing, and if I can ever get to the point that I don’t trip over my own feet, I know that I will enjoy Zumba immensely.

And I now find myself sitting on the sofa, hunching over my netbook again.

As I said earlier, don’t shoot the messenger!  I’ll work getting better tomorrow!

In case you can’t tell, I’ve changed the blog theme, and I think this one will be sticking around for a while.  I’ve also updated the ABCs of Fiction Writing page, and added a new page I’m calling ‘For Writers’.

On the ‘For Writers’ page, you will find links to my non-ABCs writing articles, as well as to other resources that I love to use, and conferences as I come across them.

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Thank you, wonderful readers!  Have a good night!