App Review: Time Tracker

I am addicted to my new iPod touch.  I’m not making this post from it, though, there’s just somethings that are better accomplished with an actual keyboard.

I’ve been going crazy looking for apps.  I’ve been avoiding games for now because that will just be a time-waster for me.  So far, I’ve downloaded things like the Pandora radio app, the Kindle app (LOVE!), and a few others.

I’m not going to go into all of them, but the one I’m going to talk about now is called Time Tracker.

It cost $2.99.  I love it.

What it does it basically works, to me, like a time clock.  You sign in when you start a project, and it keeps track of time for you.  I have it running right now.

The nice thing about this app is that you can set a rate to charge for your work.  I’m going to be starting to work for a friend doing some clerical work, etc, so this will be a fantastic way for me to keep track of hours and how much I need to be paid.

You can organize the different ‘logs’ by category and client.  Right now, my groups (categories) are business, personal, and writing.  You can select to view all logs, too.

If I select the ‘writing’ group, I have Writing – Short Stories, Editing for Others, and Blogging currently.  I’ll add in things like Editing/Revision (for my own work), NaNoWriMo, and specific novels by title.

I haven’t figured out all the workings of it yet, like how to start and stop ‘break’ times within one log.  But I’ll get the hang of it, and so far I’m really enjoying playing around with it.  It seems to keep me a little bit more motivated, too.  I still get distracted, but I’m keeping track of how long I’ve been distracted now.

So, how long did it take me to write this ridiculously short post?

42 minutes.

Yes, I got distracted.