My Writing: Father Time

I don’t remember the initial idea that I had for what I’m currently calling my ‘Father Time’ story, only that I did have it!  It was not a story that started with an image, but rather with a ‘what if?’ thought.

That thought started with “What if parallel/alternate dimensions really exist?  What if Father Time really exists?”

And then I was off and running!  The ideas poured into my head.

In Father Time, these dimensions work off the theory that for decisions people make, there is an alternate dimension that continues on the way it would have if they had made a different decision.  In this case, it is not for every decision, but only ones that affect a great amount of people.  For example:  what if Darwin had never gone on that voyage where he came up with the theory of evolution?  What if gunpowder was never invented, or the printing press?

However, for the story to work the way it needed to for what was going to happen, there were also certain things that had to happen in every dimension, and some of those had to happen at the same time.

(By the way, the best I can see is that Father Time will end up being a paranormal YA, with a completely different title when all is said and done!)

The events that happened all at the same exact moment in every dimension are:
The fall of man in the garden
The Flood
The Birth, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ
The Holocaust
The End of the World

All eclipses, and anything lunar or solar happen all at the same time also.

Every world be similar, but each different, depending on when it branched off from another one.  Cultures will have developed differenlty, and languages.  It will be so much fun when I get to start delving into the different dimensions!

My next idea was “What if Father Time has helpers?  And what if there are gateways that open between the dimensions when events coincide?”

I went brainstorming with the second idea first.  Coinciding events would be anything that I just mentioned above.  At Creation, though, there would have been just the one world until Adam and Eve at the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and another dimension would have spun off from there where Adam and Eve admitted their sin to God instead of hiding from Him in the garden.  And so it would have continued on through any major decisions . . .

These gateways are when the dimensions are trying to merge themselves back to the one dimension they were originally supposed to be, so that is why it happens when events all happen at the same time – because that is when they are most alike.

However, when these dimensions branch off, each person becomes their own individual spirit and soul.  They do not merge, even at the end of the world, with their counterparts in other dimensions.  They may have similar names and appearances, but they are unique, sentient individuals.

With the realization that there were gateways between the dimensions, I knew suddenly who Father Time’s helpers were!  They would be guardians to make sure that no one crossed through these gateways, and that if they did they got back to the time they belonged in before the gateway closed.  These guardians would have limited powers to manipulate time – they could travel back, and see how the present affected the past and vice versa, but they cannot travel forward in time.  Only Father Time can see all that did, can and will happen.

These helpers are very special individuals, though, and that is a whole other post in itself.  I will say, though, that these helpers are chosen from mankind, and that they can never have been destined to affect history.

I did Father Time for my 2009 NaNo Novel.  It was a trainwreck.  That was the year I learned that I absolutely had to have an outline, especially during NaNo season.  Otherwise, instead of listening to the story I start listening to the individual character I’m working with, and they take things in completely the wrong direction.  If I have an outline, then I know where the story is supposed to end up, and where each character fits into it with their own personality and quirks.

Yes, I have a little over 51,000 words of crap.  Well, there’s three or four decent scenes.  One really good one that I can think of right off the top of my head.  But for the most part, this story sucks right now.  It’s an awesome idea, just poor execution.

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