Entering Contests: Why is it so nerve-wracking?

If anyone of you know me on facebook, or follow me on twitter, or simply read the twitter feed in the sidebar, you know that I have been writing and editing like crazy the past week.

I’ve been preparing contest entries for the Ozark Creative Writers Conference.  The postmark deadline is tomorrow.

Right now, I’m not nervous.  I’m also not letting myself think about it too much.  The fact that I’m so sleepy, and haven’t slept more than 6 hours most nights of the past week helps a lot.  Because I’d rather be asleep than doing anything that I have to do for the next 48 hours.

So, why are contests nerve-wracking?  There’s no forgiveness for mistakes.

I think I’m more nervous submitting for a contest than I would be submitting to an agent and/or publisher.

I think an agent would skip over a single missed word, or if the formatting messed up in a spot.  They expect (and I would expect) that whatever I send them will be edited further beyond what I have been able to do on my own.

For a contest, everything has to be just-so.  If there’s a mistake, that’s it.  You’re out.

The last contest I entered, several people read over my entry, and only one caught that I had repeated a paragraph twice – and she only caught it after I sent it in.

Here’s to hoping that my two entries are perfect!

PS – HUGE thank you to Lissa (Quid for Quill) for mailing my entries for me while I’m at work tomorrow!  I really do appreciate it!