Today I . . .

Got up much earlier than I wanted to.

Did laundry, and discovered that the washing machine is definitely leaking somewhere.  Need to call the landlord.

Watched the cat pounce on my sorted piles of papers-to-be-filed, and they are now un-sorted.

Spent two hours subscribing to blogs for the Writers’ Campaign.  Have many more to subscribe to still.

Chose a new theme for the blog, even though I swore last time I wasn’t going to for a while, but then started realizing the other one just wasn’t working for me.

Realized I never bragged about my new blog header, or the wonderful person behind it – Sarah Smyczynski.  Didn’t she do a great job? 😀

Critiqued a story for Lissa over at Quid for Quill.  She really is an awesome writer.

Realized it was 1 pm, and that I still need to shower, write, do work that I actually get paid for this afternoon, blog, submit my stuff for the Writers’ Campaign Notice Board this Friday, and email my co-ML for NaNo about the time for the TGIO party in December.

And make a grocery list.

Such is life.