My Writing: Gyti

This novel is my baby.  I first came up with the idea during my Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza days, and I was making it epic.  I even created languages, and have very short dictionaries of words, and grammar rules.  I went so far as to develop writing styles for each of the different cultures.

Knowing more about writing now than I did when I started this (my first non fan-fic project), I know that I’m going to need to tone back a lot of it.  If I ever want it to be finished, anyway.

This was my first big novel idea.  It started as an image (surprised by that?  no?), although the story now is nothing like the image that began it.  I’ve got the first few chapters written, and I have an entire outline for it, so it’s really something that I just need to sit down and finish.

As I said, though, this story is EPIC.  I created an entire world with three different cultures and languages, and numerous animals and plants and foods.  I have grammar rules, and pronunciation guides, and maps.  Very badly drawn maps.  I can’t draw. At all.  And I have a timeline of the first 1,219 years of the history of this world.

‘Gyti’ is not what the name of the book is going to be at the end.  I just don’t know what the title is yet – I usually figure those out at the very end.  Gyti is pronounced ‘jhyaTI‘ and literally means ‘earth’, so it is what the world is called.  At least by one culture.

If anyone is reading this from my olden blogging/writing days about *cough* six years ago, you may recognize some of this.  I had started a blog with some of my Gyti material up (although I have since deleted it), and I also posted a short story or two on the LOTR Fanatics Plaza.  Really, if Tolkien hadn’t written Lord of the Rings, I don’t know that I would be a writer today.

There are three cultures in this world – the Kysis, Eswad and Vczilx.  The name of that last culture is exactly why this novel is going to need major help!  For some reason I thought it would be cool to have a culture that spoke a language with very few vowels.  In my defense, these languages are not English, and these are only slighly phonetic representations of their names.  There are three main characters, one from each culture, and while the language and world building may need help, I’m very pleased with the plot that I thought up when I really had no clue what I was doing.

The Kysis are a very developed culture – they have surgeons, love the arts, and are very politically active.  Religion exists and plays a role in society, but that is about it.  It’s not unusual for someone to never set foot in a temple or give an offering.  Those who do so regularly, other than priests, are looked at oddly.  Main character #1 (her name is Ehi) is from the Kysis, and she has been very politically active as her father and mother were both elected officials.  However, she will soon fall into the category of one of those viewed as over-religiously-zealous.

The Eswad are a desert people.  They are very religious, but this story is going to be set during the time their religion becomes truly corrupt.  Because they live in the desert, their religion focuses very much on water.  Everything is about water.  Main character #2 is named Dina, and she is joining the ranks of the Otwlh.  The Otwlh are the warriors of the Eswad, and they are all women.  This is because of a plague a few hundred years before that wiped out most of the male population (and a good share of the female), and it just kind of stuck.

The Vczilx are similar (though not the same) to the ancient Egyptians.  There is a ruling family, and everything stays within the family.  This culture is even more religious than the Eswad – those who do not follow are killed, with very few exceptions.  The third main character (currently, his name is Coxilxi, and I am seriously considering changing it.  I most likely WILL change it, actually.) falls into this category – he refuses to conform to the religion of his country, and so is exiled.  However, he is exiled rather than executed because he is the heir to the head position among the royal family.  Exile is almost as bad as execution, though, because they are treated among the Vczilx as if they are dead, and if they leave the country and try to come back in they are executed.

The paths of these three people will intertwine as the entire fate of Gyti rests on the Dina’s shoulders, and as each race teeters on the brink of war.

Goodness, I want to read this book now . . .  Without the complicated names and languages made of mostly consonants . . . I’ll figure that out.  Eventually.

Let me know about any questions!  I’ll answer reasonable ones :D.

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