My Writing Trivia – Prize: $10 Gift Card

It’s test time!  Okay, not really . .  but I couldn’t resist!  Once again, just a reminder that you must be a subscriber to my blog to be eligible to win the gift card!  Post your answers in the comments, please.  Good luck! 😀

Since so many of you are new and being directed here from the Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign, the answers can be found somewhere within this post, this post, and this post.

#1 – Name the three mythical creatures I mentioned in the Weeping Willow post.

#2 – What is special about Father Time’s helpers?

#3 – Which of the three people groups of Gyti is the most cultured?

Answers must be in within 48 hours of this post! That would be Sunday, September 4th at 7:59 am Central Daylight Time.