In my own little corner, in my own little chair . . .

I can be whoever I want to be!

I’ve always loved this song from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. It embodied everything a little girl could possibly imagine, and this is the problem my parents would have when they tried to discipline me by having me sit in the corner.

When I worked at Chick-Fil-A, I was always in the drive-thru, which was essentially the corner. It was then that I started joking that it was my own little corner, and in many ways it was where I could still zone out and work efficiently. Now, I have what I truly consider my own little corner, complete with its own little chair.

My Writing Corner

My Own Little Corner with My Own Little Chair

This is my writing corner. The pink chair was a gift from my best friend’s parents shortly after my husband and I married. The posters, etc, are just what I’ve collected over a little bit of time.

My writing corner is where I can sit and not be distracted. I can’t see the TV from it, but I can see anything the cat might potentially get into. The only thing it’s missing is an ottoman, so if anyone has one to spare . . . 😀

I’m seriously considering moving the filing cabinet to right underneath the window, because the bottom drawer is my writing drawer anyway. I usually tend to do my bill-paying, mail sorting, etc in that chair that too, so the filing cabinet there would make perfect sense. I also wouldn’t have to move that far anytime I needed to look up something from a past/potential story.

Camp NaNoWriMo Poster

Why yes, that IS a Camp NaNo poster . . .

That bookcase has all of my writing books on it. And all of my cookbooks and board games, but oh well :). Someday I’ll have a kitchen counter with room for the cookbooks on it . . .

Getting back on topic, though. My writing corner is someplace I’ve found in the house where I can work without distraction. I have almost everything I need for writing (reference books, story notes, trash can, a flat spot to set things) right at my fingertips. The only thing I need over there is my filing cabinet, and I really need an ottoman. I have to be able to put my feet up!

And last, but not least, there is a comfortable chair (when I’m not forced to ‘share’ it with the cat), and I’m surrounded by inspiration. Taped to the side of the bookcase, right where I can see it, is this:

Wee Bit O Magic

A Wee Bit O Magic

I found this print at the Renaissance Faire on my birthday, when I went with my friend Mrs. C . I had been thinking about getting another print (the subject was a ‘bookwyrm’), and then I stumbled across this one. I loved the bookwyrm print, but this one . . .

This one was perfect. It went with the colors in my writing corner. She has that wistful look in face that says she’s not really there, but somewhere else. I get that look many times. And there’s a butterfly tattoo on her chest (hello, a tattooed fairy? Awesome!), and have I mentioned that I absolutely love butterflies?

Do you have a special spot where you write? What’s it like?