Social Networks for Writers

As I was browsing some different blogs a few weeks ago, I came across some very interesting websites.  I was already looking for something that would be a writing community of some sort, because NaNo is a taste of that but really isn’t very active outside of October/November.  My city isn’t a very good spot for writers, and any ‘serious’ group is filled with older people that I just don’t relate to all the time!  I have been blessed to have a wonderfully active local NaNoWriMo group, but we still can only manage to meet once every couple of months because not everyone lives in the same city.

I have found the coolest thing ever, though!  It’s an awesome online community called She Writes.  It was designed for women writers, but if any guys want to join they will let you.

I have not had nearly enough time to poke around She Writes so far.  I do love the support system that is in place there, though.  There are groups that you can join that focus on specific interests.  The groups I have joined so far are: WordPress Bloggers, Bloggers: Let’s Make it Work!, Novelists (Struggling or Not), and NaNoWriMo: How Fast Can You Write?

I found some other writing networks, but She Writes is by far the most active one.  It offers groups, like I mentioned above, there are chats and weekly web radio episodes with authors and agents.  They also offer different services.  Some of the many available are Writing Coaching & Editing, Book to Film: Adaptation Consultation, Author Photography, and Career Management and Financial Advisement.  There is a fee for these services, of course, but it is nice to find a place where several different options are available and have been reviewed.  The internet is a crazy place, so finding something that is endorsed by a trustworthy community is comforting for your pocketbook and your security.

She Writes is my favorite out of the three writer-specific social networks that I have joined.  Inkwell is my next favorite, because they have an amazing agent database right on the front page.  They profile new agents as well, so many opportunities are touched on!  Writer Face is okay – but I’ll be honest, I haven’t looked at it in over a month.  They have different groups you can join, but they don’t have the different resources that She Writes and Inkwell offer.  It’s simply JUST a social network.

So, have fun browsing around those!  If you join any particular one, links to my profiles are in the sidebar under ‘My Stuff’, so go and friend me!

Are there any other writing networks that you love?