Science Fiction, Monsters, and All Hallow’s Eve

I apologize for my lack of posting last week, fall cleaning took priority.  I have cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, and most of the rest of the house, rearranged the furniture, and bought a new TV stand.  I think I even found room to put a small deep freeze, and I hope it’s true!  Having a deep freeze would make my life much easier!

Found some crazy things online this week.

Firstly, scientists have reconstructed images from the brain.

Anyone else seeing the possible story potential in this?  I don’t know about you, but I’ve got tons of plots rolling around in my head just from reading this article . . .

Also, the FDA has approved human trials for suspended animation.  Anyone else getting the inkling that science fiction inspires real science?

Now, as a Christian, I can see a whole host of problems with this, but we won’t go into that right now.

What the main problem I see is this – why on earth is our government concerned with this trivial stuff when we’re about to go into another possible government shut-down situation? Isn’t there a better way that our tax dollars can be spent?

Lissa at Quid for Quill linked me to this article about promotional author photographs earlier today while we were chatting.  I told her that if any of my author photos one day turned out like any of these, she was to burn them.  I want my pictures to look natural . . . and be taken outdoors, either in fall (so I can wear a fabulous sweater!) or in spring (so I can wear a fun dress!).

And now, moving onto fun things . . .

I have signed up for Monster Fest 2011!  You may clicky on the badge find out all about it, but it promises to be great fun!  Currently, I’ve signed on to do an entry about the banshee, but am more than willing to take on 1 or 2 more monsters if anyone has any requests :D.  Of course, you can always sign up yourself to do it!

I also managed to sneak in just before the deadline for the Muse Online Writers Conference.  It’s going to be interesting, because it overlaps with the Ozark Creative Writers Conference, but I’m not too worried.  Just excited!  I wasn’t able to do a pitch for either of these this year, but maybe next year!

I’ve also got another contest idea in the works . . . not too long ago, I won a graphic novel at a local event, and graphic novels just aren’t my thing (I tried to read it – multiple times.  I got bored each time).  So, I figured I should just let someone else who wants it have it . . .

I’m not going to reveal anything until October 1st, though.  I will say that it’s going to be an All Hallow’s Eve sort of contest, though 😉

So, what interesting things have any of you found lately?