The First Annual All Hallow’s Eve contest

Wow, yesterday ended up being awesome!  Thanks to many wonderful people (especially those from the Writers Campaign and the WordPress Forums), I hit 3000 views yesterday!  I decided on Thursday that I wanted to hit 3000 views by the end of September, and I did it!

On to the next topic, though . . .

A while back (early in the spring time . . .) I went to a local library event (Literature With Bite) with some fellow writers (The Barenaked Critic – my co-ML for NaNo, Lissa from Quid for Quill, etc.  Pretty much the same gang I’m going to the conference next week with).

Something funny happened there.

No, I was not bitten by a vampire.

I was, however, the winner of the door prize!  That NEVER happens to me!

And while I won a pretty awesome prize, it’s not really something I’m ever going to use.

See, I won Marvel’s graphic novel version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

It’s purty:

Marvel Graphic Novel

Bram Stoker's Dracula - Graphic Novel

But graphic novels really aren’t my thing.  So, I’m going to hold another contest (re: the title of this blog post), and give this away as the prize!

Pretty nifty, eh?

So, here’s the contest:

Write me a vampire story.  Two things not allowed – erotica or ‘sparkling’ (I’m sure we all know the reason for this).  Please keep things rated PG-13 or under.

Word limit is minimum 1000 words, max 5000 words.

Book will only be shipped to locations in the continental North America region.  Otherwise, I can give you a $10 gift card if you’re outside of that.

Deadline to enter is October 22 by midnight Central Daylight Time.  Winner will be announced on October 31st.  I will send back critiques to each entrant :D, since I’m only giving out a 1st Place prize.

I won’t be judging on grammar/spelling, but if it’s bad enough that I can’t get past it, you won’t win.

Submissions can be made one of two ways:

via email – send it to me at rebekah (dot) loper (at) gmail (dot) com.  Don’t forget to include your name and a blog link (if you have a blog).

via blog post – post your entry on your blog, and put your link in the comments on this post.

So, I can’t wait to see what you guys give me! 😀