So it begins

I am a huge LOTR fan.  This will not be the last time that I use a quote for a title, but I’ll try to control myself most of the time :D.

So what’s beginning?  The NaNo frenzy!

Last night, I set up my ‘workspace’ for plotting.

What’s required for an evening of NaNo plotting?

Missed episodes of NCIS and/or seasons on DVD.  Last night it was the episode I missed from last week :D.



Rough outline and/or story notes

Index cards.

None of that is optional, it is all necessary.

About halfway through my session (around the time I discovered major plot holes), my living room floor looked like this:

That teal binder is what I have come to affectionately call ‘Encyclopedia Gyti’.  It is also an amazing lap desk.

Yes, the binder is pretty much full.

By the end of the evening, I had covered half of my living room floor in paper.

I use the index card method of outlining/plotting, though I’m still working on my own method of it.  Right now, I have color-coded cards for each character and their own particular plots (hence the highlighters), and plain writing for any major plot points that don’t affect one particular character at the time it happens.

Sound complicated?  They’re also numbered by each character’s chronological occurrence.  It makes perfect sense to me :D.

I learned last night that I have 4 main characters, too, instead of three.

This is going to be an interesting plot . . .