A lot has happened this week, both in the blogging world, and in real life.  I won’t go into the real life stuff, I’m still kind of reeling from today, and nothing is seriously wrong, but some prayers would be appreciated for some health concerns and wisdom making decisions.

Some wonderful things that happened this week:

Stars for the Dead - NaNoWriMo 2011

#1 – I got a cover and banner for my NaNo Novel!!  And I sort-of wrote a synopsis.  I hate writing those, but I’m temporarily pleased with what I did write.   (The artist is here on DA, here on the NaNo forum.)

Stars for the Dead - il-Ri Gyti


Dina was eleven when she witnessed her parents murder, right after she saw the mark on her mother’s arm that labeled her a heretic. She hid the secret for years, because if her people knew that their High Priestess had converted, Dina’s life would be in danger.

Forced to join the Otwlh, an army of female soldiers, Dina gains access to the palace and learns that everything is not as it seems. Before long, a coup takes place, and Dina finds herself on the wrong side of everything she has ever known.

Now, with three races on the brink of war, Dina finds herself questioning everything – especially the supposed heresy of her mother, and which side is the right one.


Is that something you’d want to read?  Tell me what works and doesn’t work about my synopsis – I’m honestly on barely touching on one part of the plot, and only one character (there are four main characters), so there’s much more I can pull from.
#2 – I was given the “Blog on Fire” award by Carrie at Where I Get Wordy. Thanks, Carrie!  Now I have to post 7 facts about myself and pass the award along.  Since I’m tired of thinking up new facts about myself lately, I’m going to post 7 things I learned about my novel in the past two weeks.  I’ll pass the award along at the end of the post :D.

Fact #1 – I thought this novel spanned 20 years.  I’ve learned it actually spans 35.
Fact #2 – I thought I had three main characters.  There are actually four.
Fact #3 – This is most definitely NOT a YA fantasy.  This is going to be a huge, epic fantasy that adults will appreciate much more.
Fact #4 – My husband draws much better maps than I do.  My world looks really cool when he does it.
Fact #5 – I think I know who survives in the end, but I’m not entirely positive yet.  I know one person dies for sure, the others aren’t set in stone yet.
Fact #6 – There will be full-out war before the end of the book.
Fact #7 – I have no idea how long it’s going to take me to finish this – I just know it will be the longest thing I have ever written.  I will probably hit 100k by November 30, but I doubt the story will be finished by then.
#3 – I was award the 7 x 7 Link Award by Debbie Johansson!  Whoot!

The stipulations for this award?  I must select some of my best posts in these categories:

Most Beautiful

I don’t post very many pictures, so I’ve opted for what I felt was my most beautifully executed.  I choose one of my Sunday devotionals – Desires.

Most Helpful

Social Networks for Writers

Most Popular

Campaign Challenge #1 and NaNoWriMo!

Most Controversial

um . . . probably my first Sunday devotional (Creation).  Even though there’s no comments on it, I openly state some of my Christian beliefs that not even all Christians hold to anymore.

Most Successful

Confessions of an Aspiring Author.  I wrote this on a whim, on a day I was really frustrated.  The response to it stunned me!

Most Underrated

Another Sunday devotional – Inscribed Forever.  This was my favorite post to write ever.

Most Prideworthy

In my own little corner, in my own little chair . . .


Aaaaaand . . . I am passing both awards on to each of these wonderful bloggers/writers!

Bess Weatherby at It’s the World, Dear . . . (also, as a Narnia fan, I absolutely adore her blog title!)

Meredith Mansfield

Momfog (I love her!)

Tameri at A Cup of Tea and Sorcery (I love her too!)

The Chipper Muse (she’s one of my local Wrimos, and excellent at picking out wonderful blog topics that pertain to every day writing life)


Alright, I’m going to bed now!  Good night!