Stars for the Dead – Meet Dina

In an effort to get the ball rolling, (IE: NaNo starts in a week and I really need to finish my character profiles!), I’m going to talk about my main characters a little bit :D.  Today, we’ll focus on Dina.

When I first started plotting this story, some eight years ago, I thought Dina was the only main character.  Now I know that she’s one of four.  Most of the story still revolves around her plot line, though.  We’ll see how much that changes through the month . . .

Starting with basic background . . .

Dina was born in the year 1186 to Vatahz (the high priestess of the Eswad people) and Aninas.  Her name, pronounced thi-na, means ‘snow dawn’.  She was born on a snowy mountain side at sunrise.  Considering that fact that the Eswad are a desert people, her name is very unique.

Dina’s heritage is very interesting.  Her grandfather was Vczilx (the culture that tends to be hostile to everyone), and so she is 1/4 Vczilx.  Since her mother redeemed herself by becoming a very devout priestess, the fact of her bloodline has been ignored/forgotten for the most part.

She was very close to her parents, but her life took a turn for the worse when she was 11.  Her mother had diplomatic duties as well as religious ones, and the entire family traveled to the Kysis capitol in 1197 for a treaty re-negotiation.

The Vczilx attacked while they were there.  Dina’s parents were killed, and she was left as a ward of the Eswad royal family.  The Queen placed her in a foster family, and Dina fortunately found herself with a family that loved her.  She and her foster-sister, Seatin, became as close as blood sisters.

Dina’s original plans were to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a priestess.  Right before her parent’s deaths, though, Dina saw a mark on her mother’s arm that labeled her a heretic – the mark of Is Ryg.  She has hidden that fact since that night, because it would have meant that Dina would not receive the priestess allowance that would have been her mother’s, and Dina did not know how to survive without that since her parents were all the family she had.

Dina also has a gift – she has visions of the future.  They are not frequent, and seem to come at the most inopportune times for her.  It’s when a vision shows her the destruction of everything that the story will start, and Dina will begin to wish that she never had that gift at all.


Tomorrow: Meet Coxilxi! I’ve got to come up with a better name for him . . .