My NaNoWriMo Tools

Okay, still working on character charts, so I don’t have my next ‘Meet _____’ post ready yet, it will hopefully be up sometime tomorrow :).

In the meantime, I’ve been bouncing ideas and tips back and forth with other writers on our NaNoWriMo regional facebook group, and people *coughJesscough* have been encouraging me to post my resources.

So, obviously I already posted about my index card outline (part 1 and part 2).

The character chart I am using is the Character Chart for Fiction Writers from

I found Chaotic Shiny last week from somewhere on the NaNo forums.  They have pretty much every type of generator that you can think of – from alphabet to stars, and names to prophecy.  Yes, that’s right – a prophecy generator.  It’s addicting.

I absolutely LOVE the NaNoWriMo report card.  Been using it for years . . .

And this year, I am super excited about the NaNo special offers available!  I will be trying out Write Way this year, so expect a review on it come December!

Hope these little links will help you guys out :).