Stars for the Dead – Meet Coxilxi

Alright, next main character for this year’s NaNo Novel is Coxilxi!  The last character was Dina if you want to read about her.

Coxilxi needs a new name.  Just for pronunciation’s sake – since it’s currently pronounced something like ‘see-oh-skyl-sky’.  Yeah, it needs help . . .

Coxilxi is part of the Vczilx people.  Yes, that name needs help too.  I thought (for some extremely strange reason) that a language with very few vowels would be cool . . . fortunately, it’s the language/people group that isn’t telling the story.

Coxilxi was born in the year 1170.  When the story starts, he’s 36 years old and has refused to recognized the ‘official’ goddess of the Vczilx and is about to be banished.  He has to learn to survive in a hostile culture.

He has brown hair and eyes, and is very muscular with very tan skin (he enjoys working the land).  He’s 6′ 7″ tall, 220 lbs.  People are very tall in this world :D.  His father is dead (he actually died in the same battle that covered up the murders of Dina’s parents), he adores his mother, has an older brother that he’s close but competitive with, and a younger half-brother that he’s not sure what to make of.

He’s going to fall in love with Dina, and it’s going to be an interesting story . . .

Up next is Ehi :D.