Stars for the Dead – Meet Ehi and Erlkys

I finished my character charts today!  It means that NaNo really is almost here . . .

I’ve decided to put the last two characters together in the same post, because their plot intertwines so much.

Ehi and Erlkys both live among the Kysis.

Ehi is noble by birth, but nobles among the Kysis are pretty much just for show, because the true ‘rulers’ are elected by the people.  She is the daughter of two other nobles, but they are not married to each other.  They pretty much procreated for the sake of . . . procreation.

Despite that, Ehi grows up to be a very intelligent, resourceful woman, and she will become the first woman elected to a ruling office.  She is devoted to her country and her people, and is cynical of any religious fanatics (at least that’s how she thinks of them) or her own ‘noble’ peers.

Ehi is 37 when the story begins.  She has blue-green eyes, long, curled, brown hair, and is 5′ 9″ tall and weighs 179 lbs.  She has a birthmark on the right side of her neck that she is self conscious about, so she almost always wears her hair down.


Erlkys is not noble, he works with his hands to survive.  He has no idea who his parents were, but only knows that they died in the plague that he still carries scars from.  He vaguely remembers a sister, and thinks he had other siblings, but he is the only survivor in his family.

He is also a devout follower of a Is Ryg – a condemned faith.  He loves Ehi, but his faith is more important than anything else in his life, and it is something he could very well die for.

Erlkys and Ehi met at the market place, and Ehi attempted to draw him away from his futile faith, but she could not.  She fears losing the one person that has been her rock, and ignores how much she hurts him by attempting to save him from himself.

Erlkys is 50 years old (they live a long time 😉 ).  He has black hair, green eyes, and is 6′ 3″, 200 lbs.  All he wants is a life with Ehi, but since denying his faith is not something he is willing to do, her conversion will be the only way they can be together.

At this point, Ehi is too stubborn to see beyond herself, and Erlkys may pay the price.


Believe me, I had no idea how messed up their relationship was going to be until today >_<.