NaNoWriMo Day 12

Word Goal: 20,004/50,000

Actual word count: 22,549

What happened today:

I made the daily quota of 1,667 words for the first time this week since Monday!  I’m right in the middle of a really intense, very pivotal scene in the first part of this story (I’m still in what was originally going to be the prologue.  Hah!), and the way I described in our NaNo regional chat today was:

. . . it’s just an insanely intense, pivotal scene that absolutely must be 100% shown, not told, and I’ve had it playing on repeat in my head all week, and I’m only just now halfway through it.  Not because it’s super long, but because everything has to be just right, and I’ll be able to write a bit of it before I lose what’s supposed to happen next, so I have to stop and think about it again and remember where it was supposed to go . . .

Yeah,  sounds trippy, doesn’t it?

Should I mention that I also baked apple crisp, a pumpkin pie, and went out with some friends for lunch?

100 (110, because I love you) Word Excerpt:

She figured that near the fire would be the best place for Erlkys to be able to see her well enough to find her.

The night wind kissed her bare skin as she slid between the dancing bodies in the square.  She felt the goose bumps travel up her arms, but refused to shiver at her sudden chill.  She would soon be warm enough from dancing.  Luckily for her, there was a clear space near the fire, and she sighed as its warmth kissed her.  Ehi could feel the drumbeat through the pavement beneath her, and in the air around her.  Her body began to respond on its own accord.

Wordle (click for full-size image):