NaNoWriMo Day 15

Word Goal: 25,005/50,000

Actual word count: 28,198

What happened today:

I have a guest post up on CrapFiction!  Go read it!

Tuesday was . . . the day that I paid for the hectic day that Monday was.  I was just out of sorts.  Talking with my mother at one point, I described ourselves as ‘hobbits’.  We’re simple folk.  We like to sit around with family, or be by ourselves, and make good food.  We really don’t like adventure.  But when we’re forced into an adventure, we do pretty dang good.

We’re just exhausted afterward.  My hubby had a dentist appointment on Monday, ended up having a tooth pulled, and then the rest of the day was adventure trying to get his prescriptions filled, etc.  So Tuesday was ‘recovery’ day.  Also ‘catch up on laundry’ day.  And NCIS.  I wrote not quite 200 words.

100 (actually 98) Word Excerpt:

The next month was not as hard as the one before the holy week.  They both became a little better at disguises and hiding.  Ehi had kept hold of the ygehkys clothing, and if she and Erlkys were able to arrange their time together beforehand, it was a very handy disguise.  While Ehi knew her mother and father would create a new meaning for the word ‘crisis’ if they ever found out she was going into the streets dressed like that, she discovered that it afforded her a newfound freedom as long as she did not overuse it.

Wordle (click for full-size image):