NaNoWriMo Day 16

Word Goal: 26,672/50,000

Actual word count: 28,298

What happened today:

I (still) have a guest post up on CrapFiction!  Go read it!

Wednesday was . . . strange.  Even though I didn’t put as much on my schedule as I usually have on Wednesdays, things took longer to accomplish than I thought, and I only had about half an hour to write.  So I only wrote 100 words . . .

100 Word Excerpt:


. . . She hoped that she would never see that person.


This was a good month.  Ehi hoped it stayed that way forever.

He watched them from afar.  Now that he knew they were definitely together, he was able to keep a closer eye on Erlkys to know what was going on with Ehi.


He started going around the laborers more.  He even spoke with Erlkys occasionally, and sometimes asked something about Is Ryg, trying to find some information to incriminate him with.  Erlkys had gotten smarter over the past few months, and was covering his tracks better.  That needed to change


Wordle (click for full-size image):