NaNoWriMo Day 30

Word Goal: 50,000/50,000

Actual word count: 50,411

What happened today:

Even though I already won, my personal goal is to keep writing on this story every single day (with the exception of taking a day off for my wedding anniversary in January) until it’s finished.  So, since it was technically still NaNo, here is an excerpt for you!

100 & 1 Word Excerpt:

When it touched her, the ice cold chill that spread through her very marrow was most definitely not something her mind conjured up.  The desert floor shifted beneath her, and she gasped, almost screaming, as the sand began to move.  It encircled her wrists and ankles in shackles made of sand.  She pulled at them, trying to free herself, but the more she struggled the stronger it became.  She made one last, final effort to pull herself free, and could not hold in her cry as she felt the sand beneath her form into small spikes and stab into her skin.

Wordle (click for full-size image):