#WriteMotivation Begins!

Well, since I’ve been doing housework all day (thank you, hubby, for taking down the Christmas tree for me!), and I have somewhere to be in 23 minutes (only half a mile up the road, fortunately), this is gonna be quick.

1. Finish editing Weeping Willow short story for entry in a contest due Jan 31

I haven’t even started on this yet.  This will start tomorrow.

2. Make sure entries for Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. contests (at least 4 of them) are written and polished, due Feb 1.

I’m still out on the rope whether or not I’ll be able to attend the OWFI conference, but a friend who has been before has assured me that you can still enter the contests.  I have the money for the fee, and I think I know which categories I’m going to enter.  I just have to do it.

3. Get first draft for Writers of the Future entry at least 50% complete.

I have this started somewhere, from last summer.  I need to find it.

4. Get a backlog of blog posts.

I have these partially written in my head . . . does that count?

Hope all my other #writemotivation cohorts are doing well!  I’ll be on twitter better tomorrow . . .