#WriteMotivation Continues – how is it almost the end of January?!

Ugh.  This week has been crazy, and the housework is behind again, but at least I’m making progress on the writing!

1. Finish editing Weeping Willow short story for entry in a contest due Jan 31

Almost halfway done.  I’m changing it quite a bit, to alter its similarity to the novel-length story I wrote from it, and it’s taking a bit of time.  But it’s in progress!  I have one more week *headdesk*

2. Make sure entries for Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. contests (at least 4 of them) are written and polished, due Feb 1.

One entry completely finished (yay!).  The three others (including goal #1 above) are still in progress . . . so little time left, gah!

3. Get first draft for Writers of the Future entry at least 50% complete.

This is not happening.  I do at least know what I’m writing for it, though!

4. Get a backlog of blog posts.

Yeah, this is definitely not going to happen either . . .