Sunday Devotional – Knowing God

This week has been crazy, and I’m typing this devotional up with seven minutes to spare before I have to leave for church (wait, no, not really, because I still have to send an email too).

I spent a good amount of time yesterday re-writing a story that I wrote last year, getting it ready for a contest.

This story is a re-telling of the fall of man from Eve’s viewpoint.  It was partially a challenge to myself because I’ve never found a re-telling of that from Eve’s point of view I feel is accurate to Scripture without completely degrading Eve. (Havah by Tosca Lee is well written, but takes too much new-age style liberty with the Word of God for my comfort.)

A friend (Jess from One Wing Butterfly) was over for tea yesterday, and we’re both working some writing projects right now, so it turned into a little critique session (shout to Michelle, the Barenaked Critic, who was there also! :D).  Jess had a lot of feedback for me on this story, and the advice as well to “Pray the hell out of this story, because this needs to be read.”

Michelle and I cracked up at the “pray the hell out” part, but I knew exactly where Jess was going with that statement.

So, I’ve re-writing and editing and praying the hell out of it, but I’ve not had time to write a devotional.

Then I got to thinking . . .

Wasn’t the whole problem back then that they didn’t trust their intimate knowledge of God?

If they, who walked with God in the garden every evening, could not resist temptation, then how on earth are we supposed to?

And yet, while they walked with God, they obviously were not cultivating their relationship with Him.

So, with that, I will leave you with this link that will make you really think about your relationship with God.

20 Thoughts on Intimacy with God