#WriteMotivation – January Wrap-up, Time for February!

January’s over. I can’t believe it – it literally flew by.  I think I still hear wings flapping in my ears.

This month was a learning experience with #WriteMotivation.  I learned that I’m capable of going above and beyond on somethings, and I am not capable of it with other things.

So, here’s January’s goals wrap-up:

1. Finish editing Weeping Willow short story for entry in a contest due Jan 31

I gave up on this one last week.  There was another short story I was working on that didn’t need quite as much work, and I felt it was much more polished and was a better example of my skills as a writer.  So, I’m setting this one aside, perhaps permanently.  The short story really does not represent the story well anymore, and I’m beginning to feel fed up with revising it over and over again.

2. Make sure entries for Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. contests (at least 4 of them) are written and polished, due Feb 1.

I only got three entries sent in.  But I am dang proud of those entries!

3. Get first draft for Writers of the Future entry at least 50% complete.

HAH, yeah right . . . and I’m actually reconsidering this.  I think, at this point, I’ll have a better chance of getting published somewhere than of winning Writers of the Future.  Not because I doubt my writing, but because this is an insanely intense competition.  I don’t want to put off pursuing publication JUST to win Writers of the Future.

4. Get a backlog of blog posts.

Totally didn’t happen.

So, now that I’ve learned a few things (namely, don’t do two different contests with conflicting deadlines), here are February’s goals:

  1. Social Media-ish – 125 blog followers.  500 twitter followers.  100 fans on my facebook page.  I have plans to attain this, we’ll see how it goes! (namely, there’s a mini Writers Platform Building Campaign getting ready to start next week.  I’ll post more about that when the info’s up!)
  2. Two outlines started, and hopefully completed – one for my Father Time story, one for the Rishka/Kashtophim story that came to me for #Nightgale.
  3. Write one short story.  This is to prevent what happened this month – I’d like to have a store of short stories I can pull from for contests.
  4. Edit at least two chapters a week of Weeping Willow, more if it goes well. The intention is to be able to start querying/pitching in May.
  5. Pre-write at least one month’s worth of my Sunday Devotionals.

And with that all said, there’s a few people I need to acknowledge 😀

First off, KT Hanna, for organizing #WriteMotivation in the first place.  And also for helping me out with a last-minute critique to polish a contest entry just a little bit more :).

Also, Stevie McCoy for doing #Nightgale, without which I would not have my next novel idea.

To my writing buddies: Jessica, Michelle, Lissa, and Serena – you’ve kept me sane this month, and helped me push my writing to the next level.

And the wonderful people I’ve connected with through both #WriteMotivation and #Nightgale – David Ludwig, Becca WestonLadyJai, and many others!

I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to get around to everyone’s blogs all the time that participated in these things, but the #Nightgale stories will still be up tomorrow :D.  And Friday.  And Saturday. Hehe.

And tomorrow, I promise you’ll get the 4th and final installment of “Living on a Writer’s Budget“.  I just had to prioritize some different things yesterday than blogging :).