Friday Findings – Contests Galore!

Hi everyone!  I’m starting some new things on my blog, and trying to get it just a little more polished, so you may notice a few things moving around this weekend.  This is just so you know ahead of time :).  On Saturday, I’ll make a post explaining all the new(ish) things, and also what’s coming up for the month of February!

I’ll tell you a bit about this post, though.  From now on (at least most of the time), Friday posts are going to be “Friday Findings”.  These will consist of things that I find throughout the week that I think will be of interest to you!  This time, I have a lot of contests.  Next time, it may just be a bunch of stuff I found on Pinterest.  We’ll see 😀

Okay, contest time!

First up is the “Month of Romance” contest by Sapphire Star Publishing.  They are a new publishing house, but they accept all genres!  This month they’re running a contest, and the grand prize is a Kindle Fire and a publishing contract!  See their website for full details :).

Next is the Emerging Writer’s Contest, presented by Ploughshares!  The prize for this is $1,000.  That would pay for a lot of things . . . like chiropractor visits, lol.  But seriously, go check it out. Submissions are accepted until April 2nd.

Last, but not least, is a contest close to me.  Literally.  I’ve been meaning to go to the conference that Nimrod puts on for the past four years, but have yet to make it.  If I remember to something for the Nimrod Literary Awards, perhaps I’ll remember the conference before I make other commitments!  This one is a $2,000 prize for first place, and $1,000 for second, and publication is included in both those placings.  Deadline is April 30th.  Website is here.

And one last thing – a freebie!

This is only free for the remainder of the day, but it looks like a very interesting plot to me, and I’m willing to give an author a chance at least once!

So, here you go:

EXILED (Immortal Essence Series)

Have a great day, everyone!