Motivation Monday – #WriteMotivation & #WriteCampaign & an award!

Happy Monday everyone!  Please don’t throw moldy tomatoes at me . . . I actually look forward to Monday’s, because it means hubby goes pack to work and I get the house to myself during the day for the next five days!
There’s a few things on the ‘plate’ today – an update on my February #WriteMotivation goals, my excitement about the new round of the Writer’s Platform Building Campaign that you absolutely MUST take part in if you’re serious about your writing career, and I was given an award! 😀

So, onto the goals . . .

  1. Social Media-ish – 125 blog followers.  500 twitter followers.  100 fans on my facebook page.  I have plans to attain this, we’ll see how it goes!
    Okay, still working on this one, obviously.  I’ve had about one new subscriber on the blog per day this week (which is AWESOME – welcome to Azure Boone, Alessandra Hinlo, Candace Gauger, HappyJoe ;), and Five Reflections!).
    As for Twitter, well it’s just a matter of following people, because most of the time they follow you back!  I had just broken 300 followers at the time I made these goals, I’m closer to 400 now.  If you’re on Twitter, just click the follow @RebekahLoper button at the bottom of my Twitter feed in the sidebar :).
    Ditto for the facebook fan page :D. 
  2. Two outlines started, and hopefully completed – one for my Father Time story, one for the Rishka/Kashtophim story that came to me for the #Nightgale blogfest.
    I’m going to start these today.  I’m so very excited!  I’ve finally come up with a title for my Rishka/Kashtophim story as well, but that’ll be my Thursday Tales post this week ;).
  3. Write one short story.  This is to prevent what happened this month – I’d like to have a store of short stories I can pull from for contests.
    I need to come up with an idea for this.
  4. Edit at least two chapters a week of Weeping Willow, more if it goes well. The intention is to be able to start querying/pitching in May.
    Also starting on this today.  I’m going to edit a minimum of 2 chaps, but aiming for 4, this week.  We’ll see how it goes!
  5. Pre-write at least one month’s worth of my Sunday Devotionals.
    I’ve completely pre-written the rest of my devotionals for the month of February!  Can I get some applause? 😀  I’m going to try to have March’s pre-written by the end of the month as well.

Also, the best thing I ever participated in for my blogging/writing platform is getting ready to happen again (except in mini-version)!

I participated in the full round of this back from August-October of 2011.  It was INSANE.  I highly recommend that if you’re thinking about doing this for the first time, that you do it NOW for the mini-one.  The large one in the fall takes extreme time management skills, and this will start to help prepare you.  It was tough doing it right before NaNoWriMo started.  Next year, I’ll plan better.  And not join eight groups.  The max I’m allowed from now on is three, and that’s only if I feel I absolutely MUST do three.

Now, why am I recommending the Campaign, even though I almost killed myself doing it last year?

Because you meet people.  Amazing people.  Tameri Etherton.  Jessica Therrien.  KT Hanna.  Lady Jai.  Brenna Braaten.  Christy Farmer.  And several others I’m sure that I’m forgetting in a horrible way right now.

The connections you make with this are phenomenal.  Even if you don’t sleep during the Campaign, you’ll never regret participating.

So click on that badge up there.  It’ll take you to Rachael Harrie’s blog where you can find out more and sign up to participate.  The writers of the world owe her a serious debt of gratitude.  And caffeine.  And cookies.


And now . . . *drumroll*

This morning, I was awarded the wonderful Kreativ Blogger Award by Christy Farmer for my post “Living on a Writer’s Budget, Part 4 – Helping Others“.

Isn’t it purty?

Now, the criteria are that I must tell 10 facts about myself (this is kind of getting old.  I’ll try not to tell the same facts again, but I make no promises!), and then pass it on to six other bloggers.

  1. I’m a registered Republican voter pretty much only to be able to vote in the primaries and local elections.  I consider myself more of an independent.  I’m conservative when it comes to religious issues, but more flexible in other areas :).
  2. I love to sew, but have definitely taken on too many projects lately.  Pinterest is NOT my friend in this area.  First things first, though, I have to finish my cousin’s baby quilts.  After the quilts, I’m making myself two of those nifty “convertible dresses”.  Just google it :D.
  3. I want to turn my entire backyard into a garden when we get a house.  It’s the only affordable way to eat organic on our budget, and not to mention it’s just so interesting to actually watch your food grow!
  4. I want a dog.  So bad!  But my husband hates them, for some reason.  I just think he’s never been around a GOOD dog.
  5. I love running.  The hardest part about it is actually getting out of bed and doing it, but when I get past that part, it’s nothing.  Until I’m sore the next day, lol.
  6. I’ve started making my own lotion.  It’s sooo super easy, and about the same price as buying it.  The only difference is that I actually know EXACTLY what’s going into it.
  7. I recently made mozzarella and ricotta cheese for the first time.  It was amazing.  I want to be able to make all of my own dairy products eventually.
  8. I’m seriously considering giving up nail polish.  It’s so full of chemicals . . . and I can never get it on my left hand so that it looks good.  I also just never have time to do it.
  9. I haven’t worn make up in two weeks.
  10. I want to make my own soap.

Now . . . which six to pass this on to?  Decisions, decisions!

  1. Lissa Clouser
    Not only is she one of my real-life best friends and writing buddies, who has a knack for creative photography, but I adore her blog.  Especially her Monday’s Muse installments each week.
  2. Jessica Therrien
    A lovely young woman who I met through my first Writer’s Campaign last fall.  It’s been so exciting getting to know her and her imaginative mind.  Her first book comes out in just a few weeks!  I have the privilege of interviewing her over a couple of weeks later over the end of the month :).
  3. The Chipper Muse
    I met the Chipper Muse through NaNoWriMo, and she’s one of my local  peeps :D.  Her blog almost always makes me laugh, or it makes me ponder something that I’d never considered before.
  4. Tameri Etherton
    I adore Tameri!  The first time I visited her blog during the Campaign last year, I decided right away I loved her just because of her blog title – A Cup of Tea & Sorcery.  I wish I had thought of a blog title like that!  Her posts are random, hilarious, and thought-provoking.  You won’t regret following this lady ;).
  5. Brenna Braaten
    She is such an awesome person!  Her blog documents the ups and downs of writing life (and she does vlogs, too – a much braver soul than me!) as she’s going through the ups and downs.  If you want to know what a writer’s life is truly like, follow her blog.
  6. The Barenaked Critic
    This lovely lady is another one of my real-life cohorts – together, we coordinate our local NaNoWriMo region, and lemme tell you, we have had some crazy stories to tell!  Most of the time she posts movie & book reviews on her blog (always a good place to find some info!), but come NaNo-time, she is one of the most creative people I know.  I don’t know that I could survive NaNo without her.
Alright, now that I’ve spent waaaay too much time on this post, it’s time for me to get to ‘work’.