Saturday Sundries – The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton, Author Interview & Giveaway!

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I’ve got a special treat for you this Saturday!

We’re having an extra interview and giveaway this week.  I met Rebecca Hamilton on Twitter, and she had a book come out last week!  Long story short, I won a free copy, but I’d already bought it, so we’ve decided to give it to one of you lucky people!

*settles in with a hot cup of tea and a chocolate muffin*

So, Rebecca, you’ve just published The Forever Girl.  Tell us a little about it? 

The Forever Girl is my first novel and also the first in a series. It’s about a young woman (Sophia Parsons) who is just trying to make it through life despite a buzzing in her head that makes it hard for her to concentrate and a mother and local church-cult leader whose efforts are spent trying to “save” Sophia from being Wiccan. It’s her Wiccan faith she turns to in her efforts to cure the buzzing in her head, but the ritual backfires and the buzzing is soon replaced with overlapping whispering voices. This sets her on a new mission for a new cure, which leads her to discover an ancestor whose body went missing after being hanged during the Salem witch trials. The more she digs into her past, the more she discovers about a supernatural world that exists in her present.

What made her being Wiccan an integral part of the story? Have you had any personal experience with Wicca?

Initially, it was just something that “was”. Not intentional–she just came to me that way. But I have to say that in the end it served the story well. I think it really helped to illuminate some of the themes in the novel.

With the story as rich as it is in paranormal and supernatural themes, what kind of research did you do to find all the information you needed?

Where the vampires were concerned … well, I did want to dig a little deeper into the roots of vampires. A little more old school. At the same time, there’s something to be said about bad guys who have human reasons for actions, however bizarre and misguided those reasons might be. In that way, the vampires in my story are bit more modern. I also wanted to give more depth to where vampires came from, and a lot of that is just things I’ve made up. I read up a lot on faeries and shapeshifters to create other creatures within my novels as well. And, of course, there’s nothing like having a few loose spirits on the loose! So, while I did try to have some traditional roots, I also branched off to create my own creations.

Did you worry at all about people comparing the Cruor drinking from animals to Twilight’s animal blood drinking vampires?

Not really. Anytime you write a vampire novel these days, you’re bound to be compared to other vampire novels. People will find similarities and people will find differences. I’ve already been compared to Twilight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Anne Rice. There are similarities to them all, I agree. But I’ve also been told that I have some very new and original spins on these creatures of night (as well as the other creatures in my novel!) and I think that’s neat. It’s certainly more than I expected. It’s hard to come up with something new using something so old, but my reviewers thus-far think I’ve pulled it off.

Most of these eavesdroppers won’t understand this question until they read the book, but I have to ask!  So . . . why a squirrel?

IDK. It just happened. 😛

You published The Forever Girl through your own publishing house, Immortal Ink. How did you come to the decision to start your own publishing house?

My partner and I were already considering starting a small e-zine and an indie author platform, along with self publishing our novels, and we decided to just tie it all together. So throughout publishing house we publish ourselves and any promising authors we find and have the room on our list for, but we also support indie authors by buying, reading, reviewing, and promoting their work.

What are your favorite authors/books to read?

Nancy Pickard, hands down, top choice. I also really like Marisa de los Santos. I guess I read more literary fiction than anything else. I used to be a huge Charlaine Harris/Sookie Stackhouse fan, but struggled to get through her last book.

You have an autistic son, and I can relate a little (though only a little!) because I have an autistic brother-in-law. Has this affected your writing life at all? Do you feel the experience has made you a better person?

Being a parent in general I think has made me a better person. Because of my own issues through life, there are also a lot of ways I find it easy to relate to my son. Don’t get me wrong–there are some definite struggles–but my son is very special to me. His way of thinking really teaches me a lot about life I wouldn’t see otherwise. As for how whether it affects my writing: Absolutely and BIG TIME. My son inspires me to write unusual or uncommon characters and try to make them a bit more relate-able even if they think and act differently than those in the “mainstream”.

Thanks to Twitter, we know that we both enjoy berries. Do you have a favorite berry recipe that you love?

I mostly just eat berries plain! Or in smoothies! But one thing I love is wrapping raspberries and chocolate in puff pastry shells and baking. That’s a real treat, and easy to make!

Oh, those sound very delicious!  I’ll have to get that recipe from you.  Thank you so much for being here today, Rebecca, and have an awesome weekend!

Okay, now for the giveaway info . . .

Ebook Giveaway - The Forever Girl: Sophia's Journey by Rebecca Hamilton

 About the Book (Paranormal New Adult):

Solving the mystery of an ancestor’s hanging might silence the clashing whispers in Sophia’s mind, but the cult in her town and the supernaturals who secretly reside there are determined to silence her first.

This giveaway is hosted by Rafflecopter and can be found on Rebecca Hamilton’s website, and on Rebekah Loper’s Facebook fan page.  It will run through Sunday.  You’ll have to scroll past the widget for the Shades of the Orient giveaway.

Winner will be announced in the upcoming Monday Motivation post here on Black & Dark Night.