Thursday Tales – HE finally has a name!

So, Sachi’s nameless lover finally has a name!

Before I go further, though, I must take a moment and thank Lissa for introducing me to the band Within Temptation back during NaNo.  My writing life will never be the same!  I keep finding songs from them that depict characters/stories perfectly.  Trust me, this will make sense when you get to the end of the post :D.

Alright, onward with the Undoing Chronicles!

Sachi’s lover’s name is . . . . 


Taphim has been talking to me a lot this week.  His character chart is almost done.

Sachi is the catalyst of this story, Taphim is definitely the backbone.

Taphim is the Rashan (Head Judge) of the Kashtophim.  Among the Kashtophim, the judges are both the deliverer of the verdict, and the executioner when that is the fate decided upon.

This is just one aspect of his life that makes his and Sachi’s affair so heart-wrenching.

Taphim is married, as well.  He has two grown sons, but no grandchildren yet.  He has one brother and one sister, and several nieces and nephews.  His youngest brother just had his first children – triplet daughters.

Taphim has a softer heart than most of the Kashtophim, though.  He has had ti hide it well, especially in his position of power.  He understands, logically, why the Rishka are being annihilated, but he doesn’t agree.  If he makes his stance public, though, it will not be HIS life alone that is forfeit.  So he keeps that side of him repressed.

His one concession is offering an extra mercy to the Rishka he is required to execute.  Because of the hatred the Kashtophim hold for them, their executions are particularly gruesome.  Taphim always offers them a painless poison that will knock them out before the worst part of it.  No one has refused, so far.

Sachi will show up in his life so unexpectedly.  He rescues her off the streets, even knowing that she is Rishka, and the only thing he can do to protect her is hide her in the secret chamber that he has in his chambers.  The only other person who knew of those chambers is long dead.

He has no qualms about having an affair behind his wife’s back.  Sachi will not allow that, though, and eventually her conscious forces her to leave his protection.  That is when she gets caught.

And with that, we’ll leave off . . . I can’t tell you everything, after all!

Now, reference back to Within Temptation – this song captures the dynamic between Taphim and Sachi just about perfectly!  It echoes the thoughts going through his head so perfectly . . . but I will warn you, it’s depressing!  Enjoy, though!  Welcome to the craziness that is my head 😉