Friday Findings – Misc. Treasures

Hi everyone!

I’m so very excited because I have a few local offerings for Friday Findings this morning!

First up, the Ozark Creative Writers conference was the first writing conference I attended.  This year, they’re having contests early in the year with prizes like FREE CONFERENCE ADMISSION.

There are three contests running – Short Story is due April 30th, Essay/Article is due May 30th (my birthday, FYI), and Novel/Non-fiction book is due June 30th.

If you’re close enough to attend this conference, I highly recommend it!  It’s affordable (registration is less than $100 if you do the early-bird registration – which isn’t up quite yet), and Eureka Springs is GORGEOUS at that time of year.  I’m hoping to turn it into a mini-vacation this year and go up early with my husband :).

Next up is Ree Drummond – also known as the Pioneer Woman.

She’s a bit of a local celebrity.  I gain ten pounds every time I browse the cooking part of her blog, and on March 29th at 6 pm she’s having a launch for her next cookbook at the Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa!

The details (from the Cain’s Ballroom website):

The Pioneer Woman: New Cookbook Launch Party
Thursday March 29th
DETAILS ::Booksmart Tulsa invites you to join us as we launch The Pioneer Womans brand new cookbook. Live music from Bandelier, cash bar, books, and much more. Dwelling Spaces will be selling copies of the new book as well. This is going to be one crazy hoedown! Limited seating will be available….

DOORS ::6pm

Next is a very handy article that I found on Twitter.

Authors Beware! Watch for these 9 warning signs before signing your life away to a publisher. – I’ve been seriously considering submitting to some small presses later this summer, and this article just details the things that you need to be wary of in publishing with a small press.

Also, Angela Brown posted about this free anthology, available on Smashwords!

The In His Eyes Anthology is a YA Romance short story collection.  Looks like a promising read!

And the last gem I found this week:

Fantasy Faction is doing a set of articles on Religion in Fantasy.  I know this won’t pertain to some of you, but this is definitely a topic that interests me!

Zealotry in Fiction isn’t the official start of the series, but definitely pertains to it.

Religion in Fantasy: Part 1 looks like it is going to be part of their Writer’s Wednesday feature.  So, check out part 1 and watch for part 2 next week!


Alright, I hope some of that will be beneficial to some of you!  Have a great weekend, everyone!