Motivation Monday – #writemotivation, and it’s almost MARCH?

Hey everyone!  It’s been a couple of weeks since my last goal check-in, since I had the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy blog tour.

The next round of #WriteMotivation is getting ready to start, you can sign up here at KT Hanna’s blog through the 28th.

Let’s see how I’ve done so far this month . . .

  1. Social Media-ish – 125 blog followers.  500 twitter followers.  100 fans on my facebook page.  I have plans to attain this, we’ll see how it goes!
    Blog – Not quite there yet . . . if you haven’t subscribed via email or yet, will you?  Pretty please?
    Twitter – Hurray, this is completed!!! I currently have 512 followers (give or take a few spambots, haven’t had time to check that yet today).
    Facebook page – SO CLOSE!  I’m sitting at 93 followers as I type this up, so if you haven’t liked my page and you’re reading this, will you please click the little ‘like’ box in the sidebar?  Thanks!

  2. Two outlines started, and hopefully completed – one for my Father Time story, one for the Rishka/Kashtophim story that came to me for the #Nightgale blogfest.
    Well, I’m still working on character charts.  Outlines are not going to get done this month.

  3. Write one short story.  This is to prevent what happened this month – I’d like to have a store of short stories I can pull from for contests.
    Not happening this month, either.

  4. Edit at least two chapters a week of Weeping Willow, more if it goes well. The intention is to be able to start querying/pitching in May.
    Yeah, I think I tried to do too much this month . . . 

  5. Pre-write at least one month’s worth of my Sunday Devotionals.
    LOOK!!  I completed an item in its entirety!  I feel like dancing!  All my devotionals for the month of March are written and scheduled!

So, some of these goals will be making a comeback next month . . .

How are you all doing on your projects? (whether or not you do #WriteMotivation)