Saying Goodbye (for now) to Friday Findings . . .

Well . . . obviously, I’ve been playing around with some things on the blog (namely, a blogging schedule).  This is trial and error, people, and there’s a lot going on in RL right now (if you think of me, and you’re a praying person, please keep my family in your prayers.  We’re in for a rocky ride the next 6 months, probably).

First off, I love all of you.  You readers are what keep me going, because I know that I have someone to talk all my nerdy writing-ness too at any time.  Not all of my real-life peeps get it, though that number is increasing!

March is going to be a bit quieter on the blog than February was, though I will still be posting a minimum of three times a week.  Just not 4 or 5.  There’s not point in building a writing platform if I’m not able to get my writing done.

Also, I’m gearing up for the A-Z Challenge in April, in which there will be a post EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Even though Sundays (except for April 1) are “break” days for the challenge, I’ll still be posting my regular devotionals.

That said, between trying to actually do my fiction writing, and between the family stuff that’s going on, I don’t have time to compile links of things I find all the time.  I’ll still do it occasionally, especially when I come across something amazing, but for now, I need to write.

What priorities have you found yourself questioning and changing lately?