#WriteMotivation Goal-Check Month, yay!

Okay, first up, I remembered that I need to announce the winner from my drawing for “Welcome to the Shit Show”! And that person is . . .

Angela Brown!

Angela, I’m emailing you with a Kindle gift of a copy of this book. Congrats!

Um . . . where did March come from? I’m confused . . . but, March is an official #WriteMotivation goal-check month, and I’ve recruited FOUR (yes, 4!) writers/friends that I know locally to participate in it! Huge welcome to Michelle, Lissa, Candace, and Valerie!

(#WriteMotivation Banner Credit – Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sahlgoode/)

February Wrap-up:

  • Social Media-ish – 125 blog followers. 500 twitter followers. 100 fans on my facebook page.
    I did not meet the blog followers goal, though I did get 120 subscribers by the end of day on February 29th!
  • Two outlines started, and hopefully completed – one for my Father Time story, one for theRishka/Kashtophim story that came to me for the #Nightgale blogfest.
    Did not get completed.
  • Write one short story. This is to prevent what happened this month – I’d like to have a store of short stories I can pull from for contests.
    Not completed.
  • Edit at least two chapters a week of Weeping Willow, more if it goes well. The intention is to be able to start querying/pitching in May.
    Not completed.
  • Pre-write at least one month’s worth of my Sunday Devotionals.
Basically, I’m learning my realistic limitations these past couple of months. I think I’ll actually complete my whole list for March, but we’ll see . . .

March 2012 Goals:

1. Catch up on ALL beta-reading/critiques for others – first week or two of March if possible.
Already started on this, especially be emailing the person that had a big project that I promised to do, and thanks to all the family stuff that went on/is still going on, I wasn’t able to do. Next up is the critiques I promised to the participants of my All Hallows Eve contest back in October >_<.

2. Have at least 20 of the A-Z Blog Challenge posts written by the end of March, and ALL April Devotionals.
LOOK! I’ve already got half of this goal done!

3. Finish read-through of Weeping Willow and have a new outline with plot holes filled and higher stakes for characters.

4. Complete character charts for “Undoing” and “Father Time” and have rough outlines prepared.

5. Keep up with blogs I’m following.
Been succesful so far, woohoo!