Tuesday Tantalizer – Interview with Jessica Therrien, author of Oppression

We’ve got something very exciting happening today!  First, Jessica Therrien is here (as a part of her blog tour) for an interview!  Her first book (Oppression) just came out a week ago, and I’m in the middle of reading it right now – it’s gooood!

Also, at the end of this post, I’ll announce the winner of the giveaway for a Kindle copy of Oppression that I ran over the past week.

So, without further ado, here’s Jessica!

1.  You mentioned that you never intended for this book to be published when you started it.  Was there any specific inspiration behind the story and characters? 
Honestly, I just fell in love with YA books and wrote a story to feed my own craving for something new and exciting in the genre. The love between Elyse and William was fueled by my own life (I’m newly married and we’re still in the honeymoon stage).

2.  What’s your writing process like?  Did you work from an outline at all, or just write whenever the characters “spoke” to you?
I try to outline, but that never works very well. My characters like to go their own way. I definitely write whenever the characters speak to me…and they do, at the strangest times.

3.  How long did the whole process take you, from first draft to publication?  What were your favorite and least favorite steps of the process?
I really don’t have an accurate answer for how long it took me. I wasn’t keeping track. I think between a year and two years. My favorite part has been getting amazing reactions from readers. The people who like my book seem to REALLY like it, and that feels awesome. My least favorite part was editing…who likes to edit, right?

4.  Who is your favorite character?  Do they remind you of yourself or anyone you know, or are they completely different?
This is hard. I think I feel closest to Elyse because she’s the most like me, but William is my favorite. He’s very lovable.

5.  Which character surprised you the most as you wrote?
Kara. She was never supposed to be a main character, but she liked to show up unannounced in my scenes. I’d be writing, and suddenly she was there.

6.  Since “Oppression” is the first book in the “Children of the Gods” series, there is obviously going to be at least one more book.  Do you know yet how long the series is going to be?
Three books I think, but you never know….

7.  And finally, do you have an idea of what the time-frame for releasing the next book will be, or is that all still up in the air?
The second book is almost done, and will be out sometime next year.

Thanks so much for showing us a bit into your mind as you wrote this book, Jessica!

Now, the winner of the Oppression for Kindle giveaway is . . .

Cassandra Martino!

Cassandra, I’ll be emailing your prize to you soon :).  Congrats!