Strange, Hilarious, Emails – have you gotten this one before?

I got a funny email last night.

I had a feeling right away that it was spam, or a solicitor.  If it was a solicitor, this is a determined person, and I feel sorry (but only a little) for laughing at them.

Have you ever gotten an offer of unwanted help?  This email landed in my inbox last night with te title of “Professional Copywriting for Rebekah Loper, Writer”.

Howdy Rebekah,

I hope you’re keeping well. I’m just getting in touch to ask if you’re in need of any freelance writing at Rebekah Loper, Writer – if so, it’d be an honor to help out and I would love to get involved if you have any need for me.

I’m 29 have been working full-time as a professional writer and researcher for five years; in that time there isn’t a lot I haven’t already covered (there are a few samples below for you to check out). Anything I send over would be written with the site’s readership in mind – as long as you’re happy with the resulting material, you’d be welcome to publish it as you see fit and the content will be owned by you entirely (in that I won’t send it to anyone else, either before or after publication.)

The good news is that I’d be able to offer my services at no charge; the only thing I would ask in return is that I’m able to include a link to a company within the article – nothing adult or in bad taste, just one of the professional businesses for which I freelance. Otherwise I’d be happy to chat about alternative arrangements if you’d rather not link to a corporate site.

Do let me know if you’re interested, and if so I can get something written for you over the course of the next few days. Needless to say, the offer is open to any other sites you might own as well as I appreciate that this kind of offer is not for everyone however, so if I don’t hear from you I won’t trouble you again.

Very best,
<name removed>

There were also links of examples at the end of this email, but I didn’t want to copy those.  I will say that none were for adult-specific services.

But I was laughing all night long.  I’m not about to become a ‘brand’ for someone other than myself.

Have you ever had something similar happen?