Sunday Devotional – Recalling Truth

Have you ever read a story that was continued by someone who wasn’t the original author?

It’s not quite the same.  They may do a good job about keeping the characters true, or imitating the style of the original author, but it’s never quite the same.

My writings are such a poor imitation of the original Creator.  No matter how much I work at it, it will never be anything like the original Creation before the Fall.  Not in this life, anyway.

All of that to say this – we should be extremely careful about whose opinion we listen to when it comes to who we are as individuals.  God created us uniquely and individually.  He made us each with our gifts, talents, and desires.  How can man even comprehend who we each are supposed to be, since they are not the Infinite Creator?

Only value God’s opinion of you.  Man is fleeting, and will change his mind to suit his own purposes.  God is unchanging and everlasting.