March #WriteMotivation – Week 2 update

I won’t lie, guys – it was a really rough weekend.  Just thinking about the things that happened almost has me choking up again as I write this (it’s early Monday morning), and I wish that we could go back to about Wednesday and make some different decisions about things.

We lost a precious (non-human) member of the family on Saturday.  My sister’s cat, Mikat, developed a sinus/upper respiratory/who-knows infection, and we didn’t catch it until too late (cats hide illness, so when it’s minor it’s almost impossible to notice unless you’re watching them VERY closely all the time), and by the time we got her treatment, she was going into kidney failure.  It was still fixable, but Mikat decided that she was too tired.

For the most part, I’m okay during the day . . . it’s at night, when I have to stop and slow down and go to sleep that’s really hard.  This is just one of the many battles that we’re fighting lately, especially for life and not death, and when you lose one, it’s a blow.  So keep me and my family in your prayers.  We’re so grateful it was a cat and not a person, but it’s still hard, especially knowing that this isn’t the end of what we’re going to have to fight.

So in spite of that, plans have been finalized for attending OWFI in May, and I’ve still kept writing, though this has definitely been one of those times that I can’t channel my feelings into my writing (at least not right away), because it’s too fresh and too painful, so I haven’t been working on fiction, mostly just planning and things that don’t require much thought.

So, the #writemotivation update:

March 2012 Goals:

1.  Catch up on ALL beta-reading/critiques for others – first week or two of March if possible.
In progress, I was planning on getting some major headway on this at my local write-in on Saturday, but instead I was dealing with the aftermath of the aforementioned tragedy.  I made it to the write-in, but I kind of just sat there and tried to visit with friends and not keep going over everything that had just happened.  So, hopefully I’ll get some headway made on this tomorrow.

2.  Have at least 20 of the A-Z Blog Challenge posts written by the end of March, and ALL April Devotionals.
I’m almost halfway to my 20 goal, I’m hoping to actually have all of them pre-written this month!  I’ve written A-G so far.

3.  Finish read-through of Weeping Willow and have a new outline with plot holes filled and higher stakes for characters.
Haven’t started this yet . . .  

4.  Complete character charts for “Undoing” and “Father Time” and have rough outlines prepared.
In progress – I finally Taphim’s wife’s name!  I’ll introduce you guys to her on Thursday 😀

5.  Keep up with blogs I’m following.
Doing good so far!

I hope that you all had a much better week than I did.  How are your goals coming?