#WriteMotivation (where did March go? I don’t understand . . .)

Well, this week was better than last week, in the personal life sense, but it was still sooooo busy.  Spring is here in Oklahoma, and so there’s been garden stuff happening (we’ve planted 5 varieties of lettuce, dandelion greens, 2 kinds of peas, and several kinds of peppers and tomatoes, and POTATOES!), and we’re getting ready to have our first big round of thunderstorms over today and tomorrow.  We need the rain, but spring is definitely going to be saying “I’M HERE!”

Not much writing happened this week *sigh*, and I’m definitely to the point where I’m re-evaluating some of these goals.

The problem is that I know I’m going to lose at least half a day this week, because I HAVE to go to the church and catch up on book-work.  We’re so desperately behind it’s not good. >_<

March 2012 Goals:

1.  Catch up on ALL beta-reading/critiques for others – first week or two of March if possible.
Behind on this one for sure.  We’ll see if I can get these done this week, because I’m down to 5 short stories to critique.

2.  Have at least 20 of the A-Z Blog Challenge posts written by the end of March, and ALL April Devotionals.
I’ve only written 2 more since last week, but that does mean I’m up to 12 written, so I’ll definitely have the 20 written by the end of the month, but hope to have all 26 still.

3.  Finish read-through of Weeping Willow and have a new outline with plot holes filled and higher stakes for characters.
Revised goal: Finish read-through of Weeping Willow.

This is one that I’m thinking is going to be set aside, or revised.  I think I can get the read-through done (maybe).  Not the new outline.

4.  Complete character charts for “Undoing” and “Father Time” and have rough outlines prepared.
Revised goal: Complete character charts for “Undoing” and have polished outline prepared.
I’m already revising this one.  Father Time is going to be set aside for a time when I’m actually interested in it.  Undoing is what’s holding my passion right now, so I’m going to focus all my efforts on it.

5.  Keep up with blogs I’m following.
Falling a little behind currently, but will catch up this week.

What are you all doing with your writing currently?  How about spring-time, anything exciting happening there?