Thursday Tales – FINALLY Taphim’s wife :D

So, I’m about halfway done with Taphim’s wife’s character chart.  And I have a name for her.  First, though, I want to show the picture I found that is her.

Someone pinned/re-pinned/whatever’d it on Pinterest (I’m almost positive it was Alessandro Hinlo) a while back.  I was still just starting to work on the character charts for Undoing, and every time I would see Taphim in a situation where his wife would be there, she would simply be lingering back in the shadows, watching everything, and sometimes I’d catch a glimpse of her profile, or of her walking out of the room, etc.  She was always wearing red, and I knew she had brown hair, and that she gave off an aura of power and confidence and a sense of ‘don’t mess with me or else‘.

And then I saw this picture, and suddenly, she had come to LIFE.

Her name is Zareja.  Her hobby is training war horses, and she hates the politics that are involved in being the wife of the Rashan, even though she was the one who got the doors open for him to even be in that position.  She is torn between her own desires and the expectations of society, but even when she doesn’t want to do something, she will devote herself to it entirely if she feels there is no other choice.

She and Taphim have had three sons together, they’re all grown now, and serve as fellow judges with their father.  They do not have the compassionate hearts of their parents, though, and I know that’s going to play into the story somehow, I’m just not sure how yet.

She has a couple of secrets that she’s kept from Taphim, though, and one of them is what exactly her role was for getting him into a judge’s position.  Zareja has only told me a brief amount of what that was so far, but I’ve had enough of a glimpse to know that it was awful.  And that the guilt is eating at her.

The other secret she’s kept is that she’s sympathetic for the Rishka.  Taphim will be discovering this soon, and this is what will allow them to confront Kashtophim society as a united front.

I’m getting so excited to write this story.  My goal is to finish Zareja’s character chart today, and to have Undoing outlined by the end of the month.  I’d like to start my first draft in April.