C for Creating – #atozchallenge

Image by Raphael Fauveau

Creating is a major part of writing fantasy.  We create amazing worlds, languages, scenarios . . .

Finding inspiration for creation is both the easiest and the hardest aspect of it.  It’s lurking around every corner, and yet never there when you need it to be.

One of my favorite aspects of writing fantasy is world-building.  I’ll be completely honest, I could do the world-building alone and be a completely happy person (except when there’s that story that just demands to be written, of course!).  I’ve spent months on this part of it before while waiting for the rest of the story to figure itself out.

It’s always fun to create something that is nothing like we are familiar with, and yet still keep it within our understanding.

For my Gyti stories, I’ve created a whole world with three different cultures, languages, and four different political systems.

The world is what fascinates me most.  Creating a completely new environment, animals, plants . . . I would totally be a zoologist if I didn’t want to write more.

Gyti has lavender skies, pink-tinged stars, blood-sucking rodents, and a glow-in-the-dark, hallucinogenic tree.

What have you created in your writing?