D for Destiny – #atozchallenge



Que-sera-sera . . .

It all plays into so many stories, fantasy or otherwise.  Just think of the term ‘destiny’ or ‘fate’.  How many different things do you think of?

Excalibur and King Arthur, Wheel of Time, Sword of Truth . . . there are so many other instances of destiny and fate in stories.

Why are we so enthralled with it?  So many people refuse to believe in it, though I definitely believe there is no such thing as a coincidence.  To me, it’s one of those things of ‘why are we so fascinated by it if we’re not hardwired to believe in it’?

On destiny and fate, some (in an impromptu Twitter poll) said . . .

Helplessness, honestly.  You can’t fight it. ~ Tam Linsey

Magic, prophecies, death (don’t know why that last one, but it is true), unavoidable situations. ~ M. Andrew Patterson

Destiny is something you set out to make for yourself based on what fate gives you. Fate is what the universe has decreed will fall onto your path. ~ Lissa Clouser

What do you say destiny and fate are?  Do you believe, or not?