G for Gods – #atozchallenge

Seti I, Isis and Horus, Abydos

photo by Charlie Phillips

Just stop and think for a moment on this question – how many popular entertainment icons can you think of, right off the bat, that involve mythological gods?

I can think of at least ten, personally.

Gods, religion, faith, and morals will always be present (whether by their existence or non-existence) in a fantasy story – it’s another one of those things that is required to give depth to characters and plot, no matter what the views about those things are.

Even if you don’t have a God, gods, or a spiritual force of any kind in your stories, it will still be present in some way.  People will have beliefs about life, the after-life, why bad things happen, etc.  Since this is so ingrained in our readers, we absolutely must deal with this in our characters.

If you’ve never done it, creating gods is so much fun!

In my Gyti story, I have a few different dynamics going on.  There’s the Creator, who’s become a very abstract idea instead of an actual god, except by a few.  There’s Talxz, the goddess of Dusk, and she’s vicious and cruel.  There’s the Eswad, who have a name for their goddess, but more embrace the concept of her as water, because they live in the desert.  Everyone is a little different, though you can see how they all came from the same place originally.

Fantasy Faction posted an excellent series of articles back in February about Creating God: Religion in Fantasy.  It is a resource that I’ll look at time and time again, and if this is a topic you’re interested in, I highly recommend these.

What have your experiences been with creating gods in your stories?