J for Jealousy – #atozchallenge

Smeagol & Deagol

So many stories revolve around jealousy.

Lord of the Rings is filled with jealousy.  The whole vicious cycle starts when Smeagol becomes jealous of Deagol after they find the One Ring.  Eventually, the power of the One Ring is coveted by almost everyone who comes into contact with it.

Not all jealousy is bad, though.  The Bible describes God as a “jealous God” because He wants and desires to be the ONLY object of our praise and adoration, and He will do almost anything to gain that favor.

Spouses should be jealous for each other – willing to do anything to protect and to keep their affections.

Jealousy can be harmful as well.  Jealousy can give way to anger, and anger causes people to not think things through before they act.

And isn’t that where the stories are born?