L for Love – #atozchallenge

Kahlan & Richard


It makes us do the most sensible things, and the most crazy things, sometimes at the same time.  So many stories in our history have revolved around the subject of love, and the exploration of what it is.

But how do you define something that powerful?  It’s like trying to define God.  It’s just not possible.

Yet, that is exactly what we must do as writers.

Love can be the hand that stays a weapon, or wields it, depending on whether it’s in mercy or defense.

Love can be an incredible motivator.

Did you know that the only reason Aragorn was willing to pursue his rightful place as the King of Gondor in Lord of the Rings was because Elrond wouldn’t let Arwen marry a mortal man that was LESS than a king?

And what about Richard and Kahlan in Terry Goodkind’s The Sword of Truth?  Their love was impossible, literally – since Kahlan was a Confessor, and essentially brainwashed anyone she touched with her magic, it was impossible for her to be with someone she loved without brainwashing them.  There’s a big giant loophole to that, though, and I saw it coming from the beginning of book one.  It sure felt like it took forever to get there!

Even if love or romance isn’t a main focus of the story, it can still be an excellent motivator for characters.  A world without love is a very boring one, and without love, would there even be hatred?

What are your favorite stories influenced by love?