M for Magic – #atozchallenge

Photo by Sergey Bober

Magic is what differentiates fantasy from science fiction.

Fantasy is all about what isn’t possible, science fiction is all about what might be possible.

Most of the time (but not all), there is magic in a fantasy story.

Magic can be anything from someone having a special ability that they were born with, to someone who sacrifices humans to steal their life-force.  It can be what holds everything together, and it can be what threatens to tear everything apart.

It can be wonderful, or it can be terrifying.  I seem to lean more toward the terrifying side, but there are moments when terrifying is wonderful in itself, because it commands your attention and makes you stop and see it.

Isn’t that what magic is, both in the fantasy land of our own heads, and in real-life?  Whatever makes us stop and see?