O for Oath – #atozchallenge

What is our fascination with the taking of an oath, especially within fantasy fiction?

Is it our remembrance of the oaths, vows, and covenants of our ancestors?  Or is it our desperation for something steadfast in this crumbling world?

An oath can be a powerful tool in fantasy.  It can keep someone from doing something terrible, or an it can be what makes them do the unthinkable.

To me, an oath is simply a promise.  They are a little more easily broken.  A covenant, though – those are the powerful things!

Blood covenants are binding, both in our own human history, and in stories.  And come on, who of us, as kids, didn’t have our “blood brothers” and “blood sisters” that we naively made these promises with?  I’ll bet that most of you, if not all, still think of them fondly even if you’ve fallen out of touch.

Oaths, vows, and covenants should never be taken lightly in fiction or in life.  Writers know, all too well, that we have to choose our words so very carefully.  How do we get the rest of the world to understand, but through our stories, about what a promise really is?