V for Virgins – #atozchallenge

Jepthah's Daughter (Judges 11)

I thought virgins would be appropriate after the unicorn post yesterday, don’t you agree?

The picture above is from a story in the Bible about a man named Jepthah.  He was a judge of Israel, and before going into battle, he made a rash vow to the Lord – that if they won, he’d offer the first thing that greeted him at his gates as a burnt sacrifice.

He was obviously expecting a sheep or a cow or something.

What he got was his virgin daughter.

I really really really want to write a story on this.  There’s a lot of controversy in the Church about whether or not Jepthah actually sacrifice his daughter, and there’s an interesting article you can read on it at Answers in Genesis.

Now, on to the real post!

I mentioned Mercedes Lackey’s Fortune’s Fool yesterday, and I wanted to share what one of my favorite scenes was in it.

See, the main characters are both virgins.  Unicorns love them.  Like, they flock to them.  The first time Sasha (the seventh son of a seventh son) and Katya (the Sea King’s daughter) encounter them, it’s quite overwhelming.

Well, these two characters fall in love.

Eventually, well, they do it.

And the unicorns hate them.  The way Lackey writes it, their first encounter with the unicorns after is hysterical.

There’s this other thing, though – how on earth did virgins supposedly become imbued with these mystical powers?  It’s like saying someone who’s never eaten would have magical abilities.  It’s simply a state of being (and nothing to be ashamed of, either), but because of the cultural stigmas and traditions that have surrounded it all over the world, it’s become a legitimate theme for story-telling.

So, what do you think of this whole virgins and unicorns and magic thing?  I personally think it’s quite silly and amusing, but am willing to take advantage of it for a good story.